Nordic Fiberglass Launches Secondary Pedestal

Nordic Fiberglass Launches Secondary Pedestal

psp-151530_base_w_connectors.gifJanuary 22, 2009, Warren, MN -- Nordic Fiberglass introduces the PSP-151530-MG-L Series plastic secondary pedestal. When users remove the double locking lid, they'll find a rigid plastic bracket attached to the base. This bracket accommodates up to three 350 or 600MCM set-screw connectors. Each connector is covered by a clear plastic cover with a plastic tie for added safety.

The pedestal base is wide open for easy access from the top, front, sides and back for cable training and preparation. The pedestal can buried 12 inches deep for underground electrical distribution. The pedestal is 15 inches by 15 inches by 30 inches high.


Greg Myszkowski


Nordic Fiberglass, Inc.

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Warren, MN 56762

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