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Multi-lingual GPS

Multi-lingual GPS

I never go off on a trip without my GPS unit. It proved to be invaluable at the general meeting in Calgary a few years ago - it spoke metric. That helped converting mph to kph. It also has the ability to speak in many languages, but it doesn't speak Floridian.

Having grown up in the Sunshine State, I know there are many common terms used that could be a challenge to non-native speaker. So I thought it might be helpful to include a few everyday words and expressions for my travel tip for today.

General terms

"Over yonder" - it is over there; "I reckon" - I understand or I think; "High-tail-it" - really move at a high rate of speed; "cattywampus" - something that is askew or warped:

More specific

"fixin" - getting ready to do something; "Hankerin" - a strong desire. You might say I'm fixin to eat and have a hankerin for hush puppies. "Hush puppies" - little round balls of fried cornmeal spiced to perfection and great to eat with "polk salad" and catfish! "Poke salad" is a green that grows wild, but it is an acquired taste.

That should give you a little help. And remember real Key Lime pie is yellow and not green.

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