MobilePro Systems Releases MPS-3400 Mobile Power Solution

ST. PAUL, Minnesota, December 14, 2012 –- MobilePro Systems today released the MPS-3400 mobile power solution to the utility market. The MPS-3400 is a mobile, self-contained, autonomous power source used as a platform for remote site security, communications, network infrastructure, and uninterruptible power supply purposes. Equipped with a 1,200 amp hour AGM battery array, 4 kW generator, and optional solar panels, the MPS-3400 has been deployed for up to 6 months without service or recharge using less than 20 gallons of on-board fuel.

The MPS-3400 is the foundation for a utility’s mobile power needs. Construction and maintenance projects are dispersed over wide, often remote, areas. Monitoring those projects has typically been difficult or impossible – occasionally resulting in lost materials, equipment or even vandalism. The answer for critical infrastructure monitoring, the MPS-3400 can be quickly dispatched to problem areas providing a rapidly-deployable monitoring solution. The MPS-3400 enables remote site security and observation. With an integrated 36 foot power-operated mast it puts cameras, lights and even PA audio communications above the site giving operators an eye-in-the-sky viewpoint. The system can have bi-directional data transmission capabilities by equipping the MPS-3400 with 4G or mesh-based communication hardware, bringing full Wi-Fi capabilities out into the field. With it’s 12, 24, and 120V external outlets, field crews can charge tools, run extension cords to equipment, and power up other devices.

Steve Dunker, MobilePro’s Business Development VP, remarked “With installations in transportation, public safety, and construction industries, it was time to release the MPS-3400 to the utility market. Remote asset monitoring and protection will no longer be a time-intensive, cumbersome, patchwork solution. With the MPS-3400 you can pull it into the site, push a button to deploy the mast, pull out the outriggers to stabilize the platform, and it’s providing power, communications and video in minutes.”

The MPS-3400 is a well-engineered, industrial solution perfect for lay-down yards, substations, field warehouses, and construction sites. The trailer itself has a modular design, enabling rapid equipment change-outs, easy maintenance, and simple reconfiguration. The mast has spring-loaded bushings to eliminate vibration, and is pre-wired with power and data connections making communications as simple as plugging in the appropriate device. The miniREM health-monitoring system watches the MPS-3400’s vital operating parameters and alerts dispatch if attention is required, even giving real-time fuel gauge readings.

The utility industry finally has a rugged, mobile answer for its field power needs – the ultimate re-deployable asset.

About MobilePro

MobilePro Systems, LLC of St. Paul, Minnesota provides multiple solutions for the communications, public safety, mining, construction and utility industries and is the industry leader in mobile power platforms. Please visit us at


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