Merrill Eisenhower Atwater Joins Ideal Fleet Solutions

Merrill Eisenhower Atwater Joins Ideal Fleet Solutions

merrill_headshot.JPGKansas City, MO, Sept. 3, 2008 -- Merrill Eisenhower Atwater, the great-grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, with six years experience in the transportation arena, has been named the research and development manager of Ideal Fleet Solutions, Inc.

Ideal Fleet Solutions provides innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-reducing solutions for small, medium and large fleets with a focus on greener, cleaner-burning engines. Atwater joins Ideal Fleet Solutions from Econolite, a transportation infrastructure company where he traveled and promoted VII Vehicle Infrastructure Integration. Merrill's experience with researching and consulting on “green dollars” available for companies to restructure their fleets will definitely be an asset to Ideal.

During 2006, Merrill traveled with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to promote the 87th anniversary of the 1919 convoy, the first transcontinental convoy using motor vehicles, and the 50th anniversary of the Highway system designed and built by his great grandfather, President Eisenhower, in 1956.

Following in his great-grandfather's military footsteps, Merrill attended Valley Forge Military Academy and College where he graduated high school as a 5th caption, the highest rank that a high school senior could obtain. Following high school, he earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in European History and Interpersonal Communications from Missouri Western State University, where he was active in Student Government and served on the Student Body Senate.

"We're pleased to welcome Merrill to our 'Solutions Team,' said Karl Snyder, president of Ideal. "His experience and knowledge will be crucial in providing our clients with the tools, grants, tax incentives and rebates for transitioning into alternative fuels."

About Ideal Fleet Solutions, Inc.

Ideal Fleet Solutions, Inc. provides a competitive advantage for its clients by changing the way companies view fleet expenses, operations, purchases and alternative fuels. Ideal's management consultants work with senior executives to develop and implement innovative operational strategies and equipment that deliver cost saving results, energy independence with a cleaner environment. Ideal's home office is located in Kansas City, MO, with an office in Dallas. We partner with clients in the Fleet, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, Utilities, and Energy and Engineering sectors to address their most critical challenges and transform their businesses. We work closely with our clients on a personal level and listen to their needs to make sure our solutions are tailored to meet their goals.


Stacey Williams

Ideal Fleet Solutions, Inc.

Phone: 816-891-7444

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