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Memories and Turtle Soup

I found turtle soup today! That may not seem like such a big thing, but it brought back a lot of memories - good and bad. Two years ago my buddy Rick Bush and I covered the Hurricane Ike restoration efforts in Texas. One night, we found a little restaurant near our hotel. We ordered dinner and started comparing notes. I ordered turtle soup. Seemed like something different - an ordeal treat. The smell, the taste, the texture - a magic moment.

Tonight's turtle soup brought back all the memories - it was uplifting watching the line crews working themselves to exhaustion to get electricity to the customers. It was heart breaking to see the destruction. We came away from that event with a renewed sense of the good in people and awe of the folks that make up our industry. All those thoughts and more flooded me with just one small bowl of turtle soup. The mind works in funny ways.

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