McCormick Offers Jump-Start Estimating Program

McCormick Offers Jump-Start Estimating Program

productlarge144.gifOctober 7, 2011 -- As part of a dramatic revamp of estimating systems it offers to contractors, McCormick Systems has rolled out the new WIN 1000 system – a great place to start for the small to mid-sized contractor.

A company seeking an estimating program to meet and exceed their needs will find this system designed to do just that – and at an affordable price. The WIN 1000 comes in editions for electrical contractors, those doing automated building systems (“low-voltage”) work, transmission & distribution contractors, and plumbing & mechanical companies.

“We had an ‘entry-level' product before,” said President Todd McCormick. “With the 1000, we've refined it, improved it, and we now offer more features. A contractor starting out with this system could use it and be successful for many years.”

Notable features:

Database (included as standard) Complete with items and assemblies.

Three versions – pick one:

• Single-user – a stand-alone system.

• Gold – networkable on a LAN (Local Area Network). More than one estimator can use the WIN 1000 in one location. What the contractor gets: No need to “merge” estimates from two or more people; a dramatic reduction in the chance for mistakes.

• Platinum –networkable on a WAN (Wide Area Network). Employees at various locations can work with the WIN 1000 – a true multi-user estimating system.

Upgrade: McCormick also offers WIN 3000, 4000, and 6000 systems. When the contractor who has purchased the WIN 1000 is ready to upgrade, there is a 100% trade-in credit (no matter for how long the product has been owned and used).

“We now offer four estimating systems, which can also be used for project management, each in three versions,” explained Todd McCormick. “And they've each been created to serve contractors in each of four markets – electrical, ABS, T&D, and plumbing & mechanical.

“We've done this in response to contractor requests. With these choices, the customer literally can have what he or she wants, and in precisely the way it needs to be.”

About McCormick Systems

Privately owned McCormick Systems (Chandler, AZ) is the nation's leader in software used by specialty contractors for construction estimating and project management. The company's products enable customers to quickly produce consistent, profitable estimates for electrical, plumbing & mechanical, building systems, high-voltage construction, service work – and more.

More information: or 800-444-4890.


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