MADI Introduces the BrushBlade, a Knife for Linemen

MADI Introduces the BrushBlade, a Knife for Linemen

brushbladeopen_highres-2.pngOctober 19, 2012 -- BrushBlade™ combines 2 tools into one and helps linemen decrease outages, minimize open neutrals and bad connections, and create significant savings by brushing conductors properly! The two tools are

a knife and an integrated wire brush. The wire brush helps clean conductors to make better connections and covers conductors up to 1000 MCM. This covers most conductors and the wire brush is easily replaceable. Other key features that make this product unique are the reversible thumb stud for quick one-handed opening from the left or the right and the built-in nonconductive snap ring for easy storage.

Not only is it more efficient but it is significantly safer than knives currently available. BrushBlade™ is safer because the blade can be closed when not in use, locks in the open position preventing accidental closing, has a blunt tip, and a blade back design which discourages scraping the aluminum conductors.


Wayne Morris


2131 Woodruff Road, Suite 2100 #158

Greenville, SC 29607

Phone: 678-642-8637

[email protected]

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