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Looks Deserted

Looks Deserted

It is Friday evening now. The convention center looks deserted right now. You can't see any activity, but I know we have booth-builders hard at work over there. This morning Pam and I were eating breakfast downstairs. There were a half a dozen guys standing around waiting for everyone to get their breakfast to go kits. They were all in work closes with tool belts and battery operated tools laying around them. They were also wearing recognizable company logo shirts.

Yep, that is correct. These guys are out there working long before any of the attendees arrive. And I can tell you they will still be hard at in Monday putting the finishing touches on everything. I'll be over there taking photos, talking to the builders and getting more info for the blog. You will be getting a sneak preview of what is going on behind the scenes - providing I do have problems with the security staff. I was removed from the floor in NOLA until my buddy Tommy took care of getting me the proper credentials. Never a dull moment around me.

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