LDIC Group Joins Doble

In July 2008, LDIC was acquired by ESCO Technologies, Inc., the parent company of Doble Engineering Company, and is now a member of the Doble family of companies.

Based in Switzerland and Germany, LDIC is a supplier of "partial discharge" diagnostic testing instruments and systems used to assess the integrity of high-voltage power delivery equipment. The company also provides an advanced surface acoustic wave sensor technology that enables utility customers to remotely monitor the condition of high voltage power lines. LDIC's instruments are designed for permanent and periodic diagnostic testing of high-voltage transformers, switchgear, cables and large generators, and are widely used by manufacturers of such equipment and by electric utilities and the high-voltage research community. Usage of LDIC's test equipment can aid in preventing costly and catastrophic failures and improve the in-service life of high-voltage power equipment.

The LDIC partial discharge diagnostic solutions complement Doble's existing products and knowledge-based services. The LDIC products are becoming increasingly recognized for the value added benefits they provide to their customers. Doble has enjoyed a close business relationship with LDIC for a number of years. This acquisition is yet another indication of Doble's mission to serve the utility industry on a global basis.

LDIC will be part of Doble's European Group, which will serve to broaden the portfolio of intelligent diagnostic products and will significantly expand the distribution channels for Doble's products and services throughout Europe. Additionally, Doble's more expansive distribution networks in the United States and Asia will provide LDIC with significant growth opportunities worldwide.

For more information about LDIC instruments, go to: http://www.doble.com/products/ldic.html


Doble Engineering Company

Robert A. Smith, P.E.


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