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Jazz, Jazz, and More Jazz

Jazz, Jazz, and More Jazz

Music is everywhere! And, it is great music. And, in so many cases it is live music. There are street musicians, bands in the restaurants, and recorded from speakers. It spills out of stores. The streets are awash with it. Funny thing it all blends together, just like the smells. The smell of food cooking is over powering, but not in a bad way. The senses are assaulted from every angle, but you find yourself craving more!!

When we sat down at the Cafe du Monde we found a street musician just on the other side of the railing and he was good. First it was "What A Wonderful World," followed by the Saints Go Marching In," then we heard "How Great Thou Art." he kept a steady flow of music and talk going for everyone at the cafe. It was so enjoyable, we hated to go, but others were waiting their turn.

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