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It's Over...It's Beginning!

It's Over...It's Beginning!

The curtain came down in New Orleans with a parade and a party - of course. It is a party town. PES, Tommy, and the Organizing Committee have wrapped up another successful T&D Expo! NOLA was fantastic both as a host city and a T&D Expo. It never ceases to amazes me, each Expo gets better and I have been coming to these events since the mid 1980s. I always think how can they top this? Each time they do. The NOLA Expo closed to flying oranges, a parade and the sight of Tommy in shorts and sandals. Put May 10th 2012 on your calendar for Orlando. I can't wait to see how the Organizing Committee tops this Expo, but Florida and Orlando have the challenge.

I grew up in Florida and whenever friends left we would say - "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

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