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It Was An "E" Ride!

It Was An "E" Ride!

The French quarter is such a special place. It dates back to the days of horses and wagons. The streets are narrow. They twist and they turn. At times it is hard walking much less driving there. So, this morning we were not prepared for what was coming. We had made arrangements to be picked up at our hotel and do a tour of a couple of plantations near the city.

A 40 passenger bus pulled up in front of the hotel and away we went. Now a 40 passenger bus in not huge, but it is a good size. Everything was fine as we stopped at other hotels picking up folks taking the tour - then we hit the French Quarter. Our driver was good, very good. At no time, was it dangerous, but it sure was exciting threading the needle with that bus. We came within inches of street signs, balcony supports, other cars, etc. It reminded me of one of those track rides in Disney World - except this was live. It was an "E" ride!

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