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Instant Booth

Instant Booth

Here sits an exhibit booth. Everything you need to impress the customer has been packed and is ready to assemble. But It is not really instant. There is a lot of work taking place right now to get ready for us tomorrow. These folks will be working through the night tonight.

I ran into an old friend and he was sitting. Of course I had to make a comment about him sitting on hi butt while everyone else was going crazy. He told me the panels for his display had been ordered in red - attention getting. They arrived a washed out orange (looked like they had sat out in the sun for several days).

They contacted the manufacturer and new ones were being shipped. They would be on the floor by 8am (it was 10am). He wasn't a happy camper, but I know my buddy Mike and the exhibit will be shining tomorrow - one way or another.

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