Hyundai Heavy Enters U.S. Wind Turbine Market

Hyundai Heavy Enters U.S. Wind Turbine Market

hyundai-heavy-enters-us-wind-turbine-market.JPGHyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) signed a contract with Wave Wind, LLC to provide six 1.65MW wind turbines on September 30. The companies also agreed to expand cooperation in the 100MW capacity wind turbine project.

The wind turbines will be produced in HHI's Gunsan wind turbine factory and installed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by May 2010. The rotor diameter is 77m and hub height is 80m. The six wind turbines will generate 10MW electricity, enough for 5,000 households.

HHI has invested 105.7 billion won to build a 600MW capacity wind turbine manufacturing plant in Gunsan. The plant, covering 132,000 square meters, will be capable of producing 1.65MW-class wind turbines. HHI plans to expand the capacity to 800MW by 2013.

HHI plans to export most of the wind turbines produced in this factory to the United States and Europe. HHI produced its first generator for wind turbines in 1988 and has exported in-house developed transformers and converters for wind power plants to the US and European countries.

The company cites renewable energy businesses such photovoltaic systems and wind turbines as its growth engine for next generation.

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