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How On Earth Did I Get Here

Let's talk about shaking knees, Mickey Mouse, HVDC, and biting off way more than I should have. What does that have to do with the IEEE, PES, or the EXPO you might ask? Well, that was my introduction to the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition back in 1986. The 10th EXPO held in Anaheim to be exact. A friend of mine, Nari Hingorani, suggested I write a paper for IEEE on an HVDC project I had just finished and present it at the panel session he was chairing at the 10th EXPO. Okay by 2008 standards that is no big deal. It seems I am always making presentations somewhere, but everyone has to start somewhere. Granted, most people have the sense to start off small and not at an international gathering of geeks and eggheads. In 1986 I had never written a paper, taken part in a panel session, or even been to a conference for that matter. What was I thinking of when I said I would do it? I wrote the paper and dang if it wasn't accepted. To keep sane, I thought of it as if I had won an essay contest. Kind of like an all expense paid trip to Anaheim. I have to confess, the fact that Anaheim was the home of Disneyland and just across the street had more than a little to do with my decision to write the paper. I figured if I made a fool of myself, no big deal that had happened before. If the PES Expo was a big sales promotion, I would slip off to the Magic Kingdom and no one would be the wiser.

Well the panel session must have gone well – I don't even remember it except for the bruising brought about by knees knocking together and Nari is still my friend. I do remember the exhibition hall was unbelievable, so much so I have tried not to miss any PES EXPO since. There was so much to see and do with so little time to do it – to heck with the Mouse. Okay, I have to admit the Mouse had evening hours after the floor closed, and the siren song of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean was quenched. I'd welcome any and all comments.

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