Hipotronics Re-Launches Motor Test Systems

June 20, 2012, Brewster, N.Y. -- Hipotronics, Inc., a Brewster, N.Y., U.S.-based company and manufacturer of high voltage test and measurement equipment, announces the re-launch of its newly designed low & high power motor test systems, the MTS series.

Hipotronics low & high power motor test systems are designed to meet all of your testing requirements for a large array of electric motors. The MTS series features the company's patented Peschel Variable Transformers to ensure a rugged and reliable system while still maintaining a minimal footprint. Hipotronics' unique MTS design also includes the most basic features standard with all units; digital tachometer, digital wattmeter, temperature meter (Type – J), and power factor meter. These features are controlled using an easy-to-use 10-inch PLC touch screen and can be upgraded to included a variety of other measurements such as data acquisition system with software, dynamometer metering integration, polarity reversal, RTD temperature, phase balance, impedance supply, core loss supply, vibration analyzer, additional voltage taps, and optional series field supply. In addition the company's designs reduce initial startup and ownership costs by decreasing the HV cable size required for mains wiring.

Information and a complete description of the MTS series can be found at www.hipotronics.com. Hipotronics Inc is a subsidiary of the Hubbell Corporation located in Shelton, CT.


Matt Waltz

Hipotronics, Inc; Hubbell Corp.

Phone: 845-230-9268 or 845-279-3644 x245

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