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High Tech Display

High Tech Display

Have you ever looked at a piece of equipment and wondered what was on the inside? Have you ever wondered what the inside of a power transformer looks like? I have been inside of several large transformers doing inspections and it isn't much fun. You have to dress in special cloths, there is oil on everything, you have to monitor for breathable air, and it is cramped, but it is very interesting. What if you could see all of that but without the above problems?

Well you can this year. And that is one of the exhibits I am really looking forward to at this year's PES T&D Expo. My friends at Siemens tell me they have an interactive 3D tour of the insides of a transformer at their booth. I just love the way our suppliers are using new technologies to display products as never before.

I love all the models of equipment that will be on display. They also give us a chance to examine the workings of the equipment. There will also be the actual equipment with cut-away openings to allow us to see into them. this is going to be an educational event in every aspect. If you find something really cool, let me know.

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