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Hi Tech Tree???

Hi Tech Tree???

I had a boss (years ago) that judged everything by its appearance - people, events, technology. He was a pretty shallow person, but he was easy to confuse and that was fun. He would never support sending his engineers to conference or training because he consider them just sales gimmicks developed by manufacturers to get a captive audience.

I was looking at the Tree of Life today and thought of him. On the surface it is a big tree. It has a lot of animals carved into the trunk and limbs. It is a beautiful thing to behold. Then Pam saw a sign about a Pixar show inside the tree. At first we decided it was a kids thing, but it did get you inside the tree - cool, I had to go. The kid in me won out. To say it was a 3D movie would be like saying the Mona Lisa is a drawing. It is super high tech right down to the seat you are sitting on.

When you get to the Expo floor next week, think about that tree. Take a deep look at what is on display. Ask questions. I don't know how many times talking with one of the manufacturers experts has given me one of the forehead slapping moments. Go back and surprise your boss with all the deep things you learned about our technology!

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