Hi-Line Utility Supply Introduces an Isolated Ratchet Wrench

Hi-Line Utility Supply Introduces an Isolated Ratchet Wrench

hl34916.jpgAug. 1, 2008, Elgin, IL -- Finally, you can get a mechanics' grade, isolated wrench that holds up to the rigors of a lineman's demands.

This 9/16"-3/4" precision machined wrench holds up better than the competition because the ratchet operation is encased in a protective housing that increases tool longevity.

This combination wrench features heavy duty ratchet wrench heads isolated from each other by a heavy duty molded non-conductive handle. The tool's double pawl mechanism allows for a shorter stroke and faster ratchet operation.

Hi-Line maintains a large stock of this best selling item.

Looking for a reference? Ask your fellow lineman because chances are he has one: Thousands have been sold.

Hi-Line accepts credit cards and offers quick delivery. Learn more by calling 800-323-6606.

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