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Hey - I wasn't Ready For It To End

Hey - I wasn't Ready For It To End

The 2008 PES Expo is over, the gate is closed, everyhting is packed up, and everyone has gone back home.

A new conference is taking place in the hotels we vacated. The last figure I heard on attendance was over 13,500 and I'm sure it went higher. We had roughly 700 exhibitors from around the world at this PES Expo. I also heard more than 50 companies took part in the student job fair. There were over 200 poster sessions too. By any standards, this was a major event for the electric utility industry in both education and displaying the technologies of the intelligent grid. Tommy Mayne and his team have already started the work to make the 2010 PES T&D Expo even better. New Orleans is ready for us; we have to get ready for it. Tommy assures me the coffee is better down south too. You'll find me at Café Du Monde with that marvelous French Roast and Chicory (not to mention the platter of beignets). As they say down south – “All ya all come visit now!"
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