Hendrix Introduces HRS-67 Raptor Shield

Hendrix Introduces HRS-67 Raptor Shield

Protects wildlife from live line contact and reduces power outages

p1070108-red-1.jpgNovember 9, 2012, Milford, N.H. - Hendrix Molded Products introduces the new HRS-67 Raptor Shield, a lightweight, simple, and inexpensive way to protect wildlife from live line contact, as well as reduce power outages. The new HRS-67 helps utilities implement their Avian Protection Plan, and complies with the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Golden & Bald Eagle Protection Act, as well as the Endangered Species Act.

The HRS-67 Raptor Shield can be installed on pin type insulators rated up to 35KV, and on conductors ranging from #6 thru 795 ACSR. It is equipped with internal clips to support and provide stability when the shield is mounted over porcelain or polyethylene ANSI class pin insulators and can withstand wind speeds up to 150mph. The shield is also designed with retainer pins for added security and uplift drafts.

The HRS-67 is designed to be installed easily without de-energizing any live lines, allowing installation on energized power lines up to 35KV with live line rubber gloves or hotsticks. The material is flexible enough to accommodate line angles up to 20 degrees. Manufactured in the USA using a proprietary, gray, ultraviolet and track resistant, flexible, high temperature Plastisol, the HRS-67 provides superior performance and long life in extreme outdoor environments.

The Hendrix Molded Products division has been offering innovative product solutions to a multitude of industries for over 40 years. For more information about the Polyethylene Insulators and other products and service solutions from Hendrix, please visit www.hendrix-wc.com.


Kristin Nugent

McNeil, Gray & Rice

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