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Hasta Luego y Vaya Con Dios - From New Mexico

Hasta Luego y Vaya Con Dios - From New Mexico

Well friends as the song says, “the party's over - it's time to call it a day.”

Pam and I are back in the high desert of New Mexico. We had coffee this morning and talked about all the exciting things we encountered in Chicago (the Greater Chicago area has almost 6 times the population as the entire state of New Mexico), so it was very different. We took advantage of all this area had to offer with its museums, shopping, dining, and shows. It was everything we had hope and planned for in the weeks prior to the trip. Pam is back at work on her quilt designs – she has a business to run. I too have neglected my business “Lone Wolf Engineering,” but not really. You have to recharge your mind and spirit in order to give your company, or in my case my clients a fresh viewpoint and an excited attitude. I learned so much at the 2008 PES T&D Expo. My notepad was always at hand as I talked with the Exhibitors. I have a much better understanding of the many new technologies of the Smart Grid, made a lot of new friends who will explain how their products work and how I can apply them to my engineering projects. It was great embracing civilization and all of its benefits, but we hunger for the solitude of the wilderness and hiking in the “high-country” too. Happy Trails!
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