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Grid One Solutions Joins Convergent Connections

ASTON, Pennsylvania, March 11, 2013 — Grid One Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of meter-related field services, is partnering with four other companies to deliver a full suite of end-use consumer services to the utility industry through Convergent Connections, a division of Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.

With its partners, Convergent Connections is bringing to market Home Premise Services (HPS). Utilities can contract for HPS and provide their residential customers with professional customer call center sales and support, surge protection products by PEMCO, air filter subscription services through Filters Now and warranty protection for home wiring. Due to its expertise in AMI deployments and meter reading, Grid One is providing the field services ‘link’ to deliver and install these energy quality and efficiency products.

In addition, Convergent Connections supports all programs with customer management and market research services through Direct Options. This support ensures consumers receive the right product and service offers without increased program management costs for the utility. Any information or installation requests through HPS are handled flawlessly, which ultimately leads to increased consumer satisfaction with the utility. The full suite of HPS offerings complements the customer care and collections services that Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. already provides to more than 20 large utility clients throughout the United States.

“HPS assures utility end-users that they are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the most competitive price,” said Grid One Solutions’ Director of Business Development Ralph Kennedy. “And HPS assures utilities across the country that they can count on increased customer satisfaction, profitability and added return on their smart grid investment.”

“I am excited to bring HPS to the utility market. We believe our suite of services adds value to the relationship between utilities and their customers, improves profits and reduces operating costs,” said Convergent Connections Vice President Rudy Masi. “We’ve assembled a group of partners with vast capabilities who can provide utilities the flexibility to engage in turnkey solutions or an a la carte approach, depending on the best fit for their customers’ needs and expectations for convenience.”

About Grid One Solutions, Inc.

With over 12 million endpoints installed, Grid One Solutions, Inc. specializes in AMI deployments for electric, gas and water utilities. In addition to smart grid services for load control devices and in-home displays, Grid One performs meter reading, field service work, customer call center operations and back office services including secure data transfer and storage. With headquarters in Aston, Pennsylvania, Grid One has deployment facilities across the United States and parts of Canada. Grid One is part of UtiliCon Solutions, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Asplundh Tree Expert Co., a major supplier of outsourced field services to utilities and municipalities. Asplundh is a privately-held company, founded in 1928, which currently employs over 32,000 people in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Learn more at


Ralph Kennedy

Director of Business Development

[email protected]

Phone: 727-692-7778

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