Global Training Solutions Inc. Provides Heat Rate Improvement Training Series

Global Training Solutions Inc. provides advanced power principles training – Heat Rate Improvement Training Program on DVD. The series is intended primarily for training of experienced operators but is also suitable for operators, engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel.


This program teaches power plant operators the principles of efficient power plant operation. The program helps increase the operator's understanding and awareness of how operating actions affect the efficiency of a plant and what can be done to operate a plant more efficiently.


Heat Rate Improvement contains 22 units which cover efficiency issues that apply to all large power plants including coal-fired boilers and oil/gas boilers.


A complete 22 title training package comprising of DVDs, each 30 to 40 minutes in length and comes with a textbook and an instructor's guide. Each unit supports approximately 2 hours of combined video/text instruction or about 40 total hours when the entire program is used. Users can purchase the exact number of textbooks they require.


•Introduction to Heat Rate Improvement

•Principles of Heat Transfer

•Power Plant Thermodynamics

•Cycle Efficiency

•Analysis of Boiler Efficiency

•Boiler Efficiency 1

•Boiler Efficiency 2

•Boiler Efficiency 3

•Efficient Boiler Operation

•Boiler Instruments and Controls

•Analysis of Turbine Efficiency

•Turbine Efficiency 1

•Turbine Efficiency 2

•Turbine Efficiency 3

•Condenser Efficiency

•Efficient Condenser Operation

•Feedwater Heater Efficiency

•Efficient Pump Operation

•Power Plant Efficiency

•Efficient Power Plant Operation

•Boiler Efficiency 2 – Oil- and Gas-Fired Furnaces

•Efficient Operation of Oil- and Gas-Fired Boilers

To request additional information or to view a demo of the program at no cost, please

send your e-mail requests to [email protected] or by calling 416-806-5777.

Global Training Solutions Inc.

P.O. Box 26067

3163 Winston Churchill Blvd.

Mississauga , Ontario


L5L 5W7

Phone: 416-806-5777

E-mail: [email protected]


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