Get Maximum Vibration Resistant Capacity with VR2®

Southwire's unique dual-conductor design eliminates hassels in vibration-resistant installations. VR2 is now available in transmission sizes.

Utilities that deal with grid-destroying Aeolian vibration, ice storms and ice galloping are giving warm welcomes to large transmission sizes in Southwire's vibration-resistant, dual-conductor VR2® overhead conductors.

"Southwire can deliver VR2 in industry-leading sizes and run lengths," says Stephen Spruell, Southwire Director of Product Development. The larger sizes bring VR2's vibration resistant benefits to high-capacity grid applications. Longer run lengths squeeze installation costs by reducing multiple-reel handling time.

The biggest catalog listing for Southwire VR2 is two 1,113 kcmil conductors, but even larger sizes are available upon request. Southwire's state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment can process run lengths that exceed the limits of most field pay-off equipment. "If you can handle extra-long lengths, Southwire can provide them," says Spruell.

No bagging for easier, faster installation

VR2 is a step beyond conventional dual-conductor cables. VR2's patent-pending construction keeps the conductors together during installation. That eliminates bagging, cuts installation costs and preserves schedules. "VR2 delivers the performance you need while offering the easiest installation of any vibration-resistant cable on the market today," Spruell says. In actual field installations, where conventional dual-conductor cable required significant extra time and effort to work out sags in the conductors, VR2 went up without a hitch.

Choose your conductor type and order now

VR2 is available with ACSR, ACSR/TW, AAC and AAC/TW conductors. All meet appropriate ASTM requirements.

"Now is a good time to plan and order VR2 cable for 2010 installations," Spruell says. "Southwire manufacturing lead times are among the best in the industry."

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