Dow Wire and Cable Launches New Initiative

November 3, 2009 -- Dow Inside is a new initiative from Dow Wire & Cable that benefits cable manufacturers and utilities alike. With the power of Dow Inside, you can be assured of reliability and long cable life based on excellent materials, dedicated R&D, deep industry knowledge and close working relationships with cable manufacturers, utilities and other power industry influencers.

All cables with the Dow Inside label are made with DOW™ ENDURANCE™ products - proven products that have passed a wide variety of global cable aging tests conducted at independent laboratories under a full range of operating conditions. In fact, we're going beyond normal requirements to set new quality standards. That means fewer insulation and semiconductor shield failures - and greater confidence that the power will be there when you need it most.


North America

John Claybrooks

Dow Wire & Cable

Phone: 989-636-0034

[email protected]

Terri Howe

Howe Marketing Communications

Phone: 616-997-6235

[email protected]

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