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Don't Forget Your Running Shoes!!!

Don't Forget Your Running Shoes!!!

The 2008 T&D Expo was big. Actually it was huge and I walked my feet flat during the conference. It seemed every appointment I had was at opposite ends of the hall and just a few minutes to make it between locations. That is why I am dressed business casual, but wearing running shoes. If I think of it, I'll set my iPod to pedometer mode. I'd like to track the miles. Chicago was over 183,000 square feet and had somewhere around 600 exhibitors.

Tommy Mayne told me New Orleans is bigger. Lots bigger... They started out with the same exhibit space, but had to add more space to keep up with the demand. At the last count, the floor space was something over 210,000 square feet with over 700 exhibitors. Maybe I better take two pairs of running shoes - in case I get a flat from tread wear. Attendance is up too! Tommy said the 2010 registration is ahead of the 2008 figures for the same time frame. I think Tommy hit it on the head. He said, "If you only go to one conference a year, this is the one to attend."

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