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Did You Know

Did You Know

I first met Carol Geofrey during my involvement in the Hurricane Ike restoration efforts. SouthWire started working to produce conductor a week before the hurricane hit. They had trucks on the road as soon as it was safe to travel. Manufacturers like SouthWire are one of the things so unique to our industry. They know our linemen need material to rebuild and they need right now. SouthWire wasn't the only supplier working 24/7 to do this either. I am so proud of our industry. When you see the efforts we go to to restore power after ice storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters it is fantastic.

Carol and I talked on the phone and sent lots of e-mails getting the story together to tell the industry, but we never met. This was the first chance I had to meet her face to face. It was great seeing and talking with her about our experiences. Hurricanes are one of those events that you have to be there to understand what takes place. I hope we don't have to do it again, but if we do, we will be ready!

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