Creative Pultrusions, Inc. Provides Fiberglass Pole for Fiber Optic Project

Alum Bank, PA, September 24, 2009 -- Creative Pultrusions, Inc. donated a fiberglass utility pole for use in a fiber optic project for the Chestnut Ridge School District. The Powertrusion pole was manufactured at the Creative Pultrusions, Inc. manufacturing facility in Alum, Bank, PA. Creative Pultrusions, Inc., is a subsidiary of Hill and Smith and is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The pultruded pole offers a “green solution” for the replacement of treated wood poles. Unlike treated wood poles, the pultruded poles will not leach any chemicals in to the watershed. The poles weigh a third of the weight of a typical wood pole and are installed the same as a wood pole.

Creative donated the pole in order to demonstrate the environmentally friendlessness of the product. School children can touch and play around the pole without the possibility of coming into contact with creosote or Pentachlorophenol (PCP) that is commonly utilized to preserve wooden poles.

The poles are considered non-conductive and create an added level of safety in the event of an insulator short. The pole cannot become “energized” due to the inherent dielectric strength of the resin and glass reinforcements utilized to manufacture the pole.

Joe Kimmel, Superintendent of the Chestnut Ridge School District (CRSD) states, “The CRSD is trying to be as eco-friendly as possible to our environment. We are making changes where possible and the pole project donation by Creative Pultrusions is just another example of that. It is safe for our students, a "green" initiative, and it further expands the relationships with school and community business' - It is a win - win situation with all parties involved. We thank Creative Pultrusions for their donation and commitment to our school and the safety of our students."

Creative markets the poles to utilities throughout the world and promotes the poles for environments in which wood will not work due to woodpecker, termites or close proximity to waterways and watersheds.

About Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc., a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, is The World's Most Innovative Leader in the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Industry. Established in 1973, the company operates in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania and provides innovation solutions to corrosion needs.

For more information please contact Dustin Troutman at 814-839-4186.


Shawna L. Holler

Marketing Coordinator

Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

214 Industrial Lane, Alum Bank, PA 15521

Phone: 814-839-4186 Ext. 221 Fax: 814-839-4276

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