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Companion Tours - What I Have Been Missing

Companion Tours - What I Have Been Missing

If you signed up for plantation companion tour, you or your companion is in for a real experience. I normally miss the tours Pam takes. Usually, I come to the PES conference and work. That isn't a hardship, I love the work and the people I work with. But, I do miss a lot of these extras. So, this trip we decided to do the plantation tour on our own. Pam has been on this one many years ago and loved it.

We went to Oak Alley, a plantation dating back to 1839. It was a sugar cane plantation. The mansion is antebellum at its best. The whole time I was walking around the place, I heard "Tara's Theme" playing in my head - yeah, I know the guy is weird, but remember I am easily entertained. It has been featured in numerous films. We went through the whole place, top to bottom. What a great way to spend a day. I am glad we decided to spend some extra days along with the Expo.

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