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Commitment Is More Than Talk

Universities are the life blood of our industry. Engineering students need to be exposed to our new technologies, where the standards come from, who writes the standards, and what organization leads the industry. That is why I really got excited when I talked with my friend Dr. Satish Ranade from New Mexico State University (NMSU). He told me he is bringing 18 engineering students to New Orleans - to the T&D Expo! 18 students - wow!

NMSU has been committed to power engineering for a long time. They kept power engineering alive in their engineering curriculum when when it wasn't cool, but they don't just talk commitment. They do it. I can't think of a better place to jump start a power engineer's excitement for a career in our electric industry. Imagine, letting a group of students hit the floor at the PES T&D Expo and wander around meeting people and playing with the tech-toys on display. What are the other universities doing? How many student are you bringing? So far NMSU is in the lead! Let me know your plans.

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