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Anyone who knows me knows I am a coffee-holic. I went to Kona for vacation and brought back many pounds of 100% pure Kona coffee. I visited every plantation with a visitor program. I picked coffee beans, watched them roasted and sampled every blend I could find. This afternoon I was walking down the aisle and my nose (Wolves have a highly developed sense of smell) picked up the delightful smell of fresh COFFEE. The nose led me to the Meyers - Thomas and Betts exhibit. They have a real espresso machine with special coffees to order. If you play your cards right, you may get some of their brew - I enjoyed a cappuccino. What a pick-me-up for a late afternoon. I was starting move slowly after many trips from one end of the exhibit floor to the other (about 5 or 6 miles worth roughly). Heck – you got to put out the effort if you want to see it all.
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