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The Challenge

The Challenge

In New Orleans several of the universities contacted me about the number of engineering students they brought to the T&D Expo. As a result, we had an impromptu contest to see who brought the most engineering students. New Mexico State (NMSU) won hands down.

I spent a couple of hours with the NMSU students walking around the floor introducing them to manufacturers and engineering consulting firms. It was so much fun seeing the industry from their fresh point of view. These young people learned a lot too. It is one thing to read about transformers in a text book, but they got to see the internal workings first hand and one of the experts explained a lot to the students.

So lets see which university can bring the most students! The winners are the students! I will add any university to this blog that takes up the challenge. I'm betting the NMSU will win again - prove me wrong professors!

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