CCI Introduces ClampStar Units

CCI Introduces ClampStar Units

css-1108_deadend-a.jpgCCI announces the addition of “CSS” ClampStar units for Deadend and Suspension Clamp applications. Made with a single rail, the new version installs in minutes – similar to the traditional ClampStar splice installation.

The CSS “Single Rail” units, fully restore electrical integrity, completely eliminating any current/temperature restrictions on the connectors they protect. Installed easily on energized lines, ClampStar is the fastest, most economical means to repair failing connectors or uprate existing lines to higher ampacity by eliminating concerns over connector integrity – the “weak link” in thermal uprate projects.

With the exclusive ClampStar safety tether, mechanical integrity can also be restored on aged deadends or suspension clamps where a high percentage of conductor stranding has broken due to vibration and fatigue.


North American Classic Connectors, Inc.

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