Captronic Systems Offers Distributed Sequence-of-Events Logger

Bangalore, India, December 2008 -- CAPture SoE is a distributed Sequence-of-Events (SoE) Logger designed to monitor and record pre-specified parameters of the target environment, through multiple recording entities.

The CAPture product range is the result of Captronic Systems' efforts at developing products for frequently requested solutions in the automated test, control, and data acquisition functional domains.

Key Features and Benefits:

The CAPture SoE hardware component is the Remote Data Acquisition System (RDAS) module. The RDAS module is a PXI platform, and communicates with the software module over Ethernet. CAPture SoE can either be configured in a Stand-alone Mode, consisting of a single RDAS module, for testing simple systems; or in a Distributed Mode, with several RDAS modules, for testing complex systems. There are two models of CAPture SoE: the L2820 can monitor up to 96 isolated digital inputs and 64 analog inputs, while the L2920 can monitor up to 288 isolated digital inputs and 192 analog inputs.

The software component is the Data Display System (DDS), and receives the data from the RDAS module. Monitoring activities or tests are initiated by the DDS modules; and can be started on remote systems simultaneously, or one after the other. Synchronization is provided by using a common hardware trigger line for all remote systems. The real-time software can continuously monitor events; for the duration of days. The DDS module performs the following functions during monitoring activities or tests: analog event monitoring, digital event monitoring, comparison of analog and digital event details with look-up tables, determining pass/fail criteria, event-based logging, limit checking, and updating custom designed mimic panels. Other features of the DDS module include the ability to transfer test data and configuration files to and from the RDAS module; off-line analysis; merging data from multiple RDAS modules; generating reports; and allowing different levels of security settings.

CAPture SoE is superior to most other SoE solutions in the market, in being configurable in a stand-alone mode or in a distributed mode. Furthermore, the detection and identification resolution of the solution – of 1 ms through digital input lines and 250 µs through analog input lines – is extremely fine. The expandability options on CAPture SoE, through addition of hardware and software modules or through configuring larger capacity hardware modules, are available without affecting the implemented system; and the solution scales up seamlessly.

CAPture SoE, like the other CAPture products, offers great value for money, thanks to its industry-standard hardware module, and its Windows-based software module.

About Captronic Systems:

Captronic Systems is an ISO 9001:200 certified company, and a Level 1 certified member of CSIA (Control System Integrators Association). Captronic Systems specialises in the design and development of custom automated test, control and acquisition systems; for R&D, design validation and production testing. Since 1998, Captronic Systems has established a reputation as one of the leading System Integrators of National Instruments (NI) India; with a wide range of customers in the Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Manufacturing and Semiconductor verticals.


Anu Kalidas

Tel: +91-80-4037 3900

E-mail: [email protected]


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