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Captronic Systems Launches Web-based, Online, Remote Monitoring System

Bangalore, India, December 2008 -- CAPture Remote is a Web-based, online remote monitoring suite, for remote or support-inaccessible installations of expensive or mission-critical equipment; using the GPRS service of the GSM network. It is available in a stripped-down, value-priced model (W2320); and, a feature-rich model (W2420).

The CAPture product range is the result of Captronic Systems' efforts at developing products for frequently requested solutions in the automated test, control, and data acquisition functional domains.

Key Features and Benefits:

The heart of CAPture Remote is the Remote Data Acquisition System (RDAS) module; running a Real-Time OS (RTOS). This module is placed near the unit to be monitored. The acquired data is then transferred directly to a central location through a commercially available GSM network, using the GPRS service. CAPture Remote W2320 is an inexpensive monitoring unit with the core features required for remote monitoring, making it ideal for use in installations involving not-so-expensive but still mission-critical equipment. CAPture Remote W2420 boasts of higher sampling rates, faster throughput, a larger on-board memory, and high-availability features such as remote configuration and redundant power supply; targeting complex and expensive equipment.

The data received from the monitored unit is received into a database in the central location, by the software component of CAPture Remote, for subsequent retrieval and analysis. The data is published on the Web through a dedicated website, for authorized users around the world. The software module allows the tracking of parameters such as temperature, strain, load, position, moisture, etc., of the equipment being monitored. It allows the user to view and change entries such as log points, real-time settings, history data, and alarm settings. The user can also view acquired data and status of the system (being monitored), and history data. The software module allows export of the plotted data to image/Excel files, as well as to print. Finally, remote configuration and update of the RDAS module is supported through the software module.

The CAPture Remote suite is unique in that it covers the two extremes of user requirements: a value solution for not-so-expensive equipment; and a sophisticated, high-performance solution for more expensive equipment. Both models support analog inputs as well as digital inputs. Thanks to the built-in GSM/GPRS module, both models support true remote monitoring; in addition to quasi-remote configurations (over a LAN).

CAPture Remote, like the other CAPture products, offers great value for money, thanks to its industry-standard hardware module, and its Windows-based software module.

About Captronic Systems:

Captronic Systems is an ISO 9001:200 certified company, and a Level 1 certified member of CSIA (Control System Integrators Association). Captronic Systems specialises in the design and development of custom automated test, control and acquisition systems; for R&D, design validation and production testing. Since 1998, Captronic Systems has established a reputation as one of the leading System Integrators of National Instruments (NI) India; with a wide range of customers in the Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Manufacturing and Semiconductor verticals.


Anu Kalidas

Tel: +91-80-4037 3900

Mail: [email protected]


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