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Cajun Cooking and Green Chili

I can't wait to hit the French Quarter for our first meal in the Big Easy. Where to go, that is the big question. We have been surfing the web looking at all the taste treats available. New Orleans is known for its great food and we are partial to the Cajun cuisine - gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, andouille, turducken, and so many more. Coming from New Mexico it is natural that we go for the spicy side of the menu. We put green chili on everything in New Mexico (even ice cream). Do you think there is a Cajun-New Mexican restaurant? Wow, green chili jambalaya or crawfish etouffee seasoned with green chili - what a taste treat! Those would be right up there with the famous green chili cheese burger and my personal favorite green chili Pad Thai.

Enjoying the host city is part of the T&D Expo experience and how better than jumping on the web and starting planning. After all we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner to enjoy. We have to keep our strength up to cover the acres of exhibits. We have to be fueled for the miles of aisles. I better get back to my surfing time is wasting.

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