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It didn't take me long to get in trouble - about 15 minutes. I was wondering the floor taking photos for the sneak peak I promised. One of the guards came up and started chewing me out... something like how do you think you are! You can't take photos here. Nothing I said made any difference - she would not budge. So, I left.

I had a similar problem in Chicago. Yes I have a long history of being a scofflaw and not following directions. I went to another new friend I met at this Expo. She is a very nice lady - Barbara Powell. She is the force behind the scenes here. She keeps everything running smoothly. She is so busy, I really hated to bother her. But, part of my job is to get photos for the blog readers. Especially the behind the scenes the attendees don't get to see.

She gave me a new set of credentials. I will be back on the floor with the Nikon and will post them for you. Stay tuned - i will try to stay out of trouble.

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