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The Bus Stops Here!

The Bus Stops Here!

One of my earlier blogs talked about the effort needed to pack up, ship, and build a manufacturer's exhibit. A friend, Wayne Bishop from OMICRON, came up with another option. They have a bus that has been touring the nation that is going to be their exhibit, on the floor, at the PES T&D Expo.

Being a bus, it is big - that is a given! It is so big, it has to be driven on to the floor, parked in its space, and the rest of the exhibits will be built around it. Wayne told me it has to be there before any of the booth-builders make the scene. The more I find out about the logistics of our conference, the more I am amazed.

One of the really cool things about the OMICRON bus it the way they have been using it. In addition to educating current engineers, they have been stopping at universities and colleges around the country letting the future generations of engineers get first hand experience with power system testing. I can't wait to see the inside of this exhibit!

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