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Booth Art

Have you ever visited one of those web sites that have all the "chalk-art" photos? You know the ones. The artist draws scenes that look so real and 3-dimensional it is hard to believe it is a picture. I have seen manholes with someone appearing to be coming out of the ground only to have the perspective changed and be able to tell it is a drawing.

I have seen so many that are so unbelievable, that I have had to go back again and again just to look at it. Well my friends at Thomas & Betts told me to be sure to drop by their exhibit because they have arranged to have an artist doing a 3D chalk art on the floor. When it is finished attendees will be able to get their photo taken and they will appear to be floating above the art work.

I will have to stop by and take photos as it is underway. I am a sucker for things like this - I love creative fun!

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