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Blogging & Tweeting

Blogging & Tweeting

We are really taking advantage of all the social networking to cover the T&D Expo. I have been talking with my buddy Vito about the blog. He was a little unsettled with my ramblings on green chili and Cajun dishes. Tabasco is the spice of choice he tells me and since Nawlins is his home town I'll have to try that. I'll will still be keeping an eye open for green chili - heck I found green chili cheese burgers in Glacier National Park and that is on the Canadian border, so you never know unless you look.

Uncle Vito is going to be tweeting (is it tweeting or twittering ??) from the floor too. Open your twitter and check him out @uncle_Vito. I am sure between the two of us we will find something to spark your interest.

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