Auger Technologies Finalizes Agreement to Sell Augers and Controllers

Harrison, OH, Sept. 23, 2008 -- Auger Technologies is now the exclusive manufacturer and seller of Alaskaug Augers, Pilot line controllers, and replacement parts. As the owner of the technology, the company can manufacture Alaskaug Augers, Pilot Line Controllers, and replacement parts according to the original specifications, and ship in a timely manner.

Auger Technologies owner, Steve Verkley, was a former sub-contractor/vendor of Alaskaug. He finalized the agreement in early September.

The company plans on stocking many of the replacement parts for Alaskaug Augers and can build the augers to order.


Mike McDevitt

Auger Technologies, Inc

P.O. Box 588

Harrison, OH 45030

Phone: 513-497-4998

Fax: 866-223-8868

E-mail: [email protected]

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