Asia Pacific Drives Record Sales Growth

May 5, 2010 -- Cheshire-based power engineering company EA Technology has more than doubled international sales of its high tech products in the first quarter of 2010 – with China and Asia Pacific leading growth.

In March alone this year, the company won overseas orders worth more than in the whole of 2008 for its UltraTEV instruments, which test for faults and measure the condition of high voltage equipment in substations.

EA Technology International director Neil Davies said: “2010 sales are more than a blip. They are part of sustained growth in demand from countries that are investing heavily in their power networks and want to buy the best equipment available.

”The growth we are enjoying now is the result of years of continuous investment in innovation to develop world-beating products.

“Orders for our instruments are particularly strong in China and South East Asia, but we are winning significant new sales from United Arab Emirates, to the Mediterranean and Australia. We are also making good headway in North America and plan to expand in South America.”

The company is currently launching versions of its major products with user interfaces in Chinese. Other languages will follow.

In the last five years EA Technology has opened international offices in Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Australia, and developed a network of 30 international distribution partners selling in more than 80 countries.

Originally established in 1966 as the research and development arm of the UK electricity industry, EA Technology became independent in 1997 and has nearly doubled its staff to 160 in the last five years.

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