AEMC Introduces the New Tachometer Models CA1725 & CA1727

AEMC Introduces the New Tachometer Models CA1725 & CA1727

1748_10.jpgFoxborough, Mass., October 23, 2009 -- AEMC® introduces two new tachometers for Industrial and Lab applications - the Model CA1725 and CA1727. These tachometers can measure the rotation speed of any moving part or device. Easy to use, these tachometers can measure using a non-contact method. A photo reflective strip facilitates distance measurements. The optical sensor avoids external interference by incorporating an active, modulated infrared beam ensuring measurement accuracy.

The Model CA1725 and CA1727 both include an adapter for traditional contact type measurement. Additionally, these instruments can measure from sensors with voltage outputs through an external input.

They can perform measurements of up to 100,000rpm, which further extends their applicability: linear velocity on conveyor belts, piece counting, test rigs, speed control and measurements for monitoring and supervision are just a few examples.

The Model CA1727 includes a USB connection and software specific to tachometers, which facilitates the recording and analysis of data. The LCD display includes both a digital readout and a 42-segment bar graph. Other functions include Min, Max., Hold and Alarms.


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