45-year-old Messko Thermometers Still Fully Functional

Oberursel, Germany, November 3, 2010 -- Messko, a division of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, has long been known for its reliable and long-lasting products. In late 2009, this claim became a proven reality when three Messko thermometers were found to be in perfect working order since their installation 45 years prior. Argentinean company, Tadeo Czerweny S.A. completely overhauled a 40 MVA transformer dating back to 1964. During the overhaul, three Messko type MZ-HK160 Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI) thermometers were checked for functionality. The result: all three thermometers were still fully functional.

According to Gustavo Savino, Service Manager at Tadeo Czerweny S.A, he was eager to express his enthusiasm for the high-quality these near half-century-old gauges proved. “We also checked the thermometers during the repair work on the transformer. The three Messko thermometers are still working perfectly, and there was absolutely no need to replace them with new devices,” Savino stated.

To make the discovery even more exciting, it was revealed that not only have these thermometers been functioning properly for 45 years, but also none of them have ever been recalibrated since their original installation date. The three OTI gauges were only superficially cleaned and are now back in use on the newly overhauled transformer.

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About Reinhausen Manufacturing

Headquartered in Regensburg, Germany, Reinhausen Manufacturing's core business is the regulation of power transformers using load tap changers. Other major divisions include Messko peripheral components, TAPCON® automatic voltage controllers, the construction of high-voltage testing and diagnostic systems, the manufacture of composite insulators, the conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation, and surface modification using atmospheric-pressure plasma technologies. Reinhausen's customers are manufacturers of high-voltage equipment and systems, power utility companies and large-scale industries with intensive power requirements.


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