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Real-Time Billing for Smart Grid Enables Meralco to Pilot Prepaid Scheme

Orga Systems and Meralco, an Asian energy supplier, are bringing the first smart grid solution to the Philippines. In an initial pilot scheme, 40,000 customers will be connected. Using Orga Systems' OS.Energy as part of an end-to-end smart grid solution, Meralco provides dynamic smart metering innovations. OS.Energy offers a tiered prepaid electricity scheme based on a centralized real-time billing solution. It improves energy cost-effectiveness and offers real customer-centric services.

To ensure regulatory compliance and maximize revenues, Meralco implements a new meter-to-cash solution. Using OS.Energy for its smart metering infrastructure enables Meralco to communicate with its customers in real time to notify and advise them of consumption, thresholds and payment issues. It also offers tiered tariffs, including multilevel thresholds, and has the ability to remotely connect or disconnect customers.

For more information, visit orga-systems.com.

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