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Dakota Electric Expands Available E-billing Channels

Dakota Electric has signed a new contract to expand its existing e-billing channels. Dakota Electric is a member-owned, not for profit electric utility based in Minnesota. With more than 100,000 members, it is the second largest electric cooperative in Minnesota and ranked among the 25 largest electric distribution cooperatives in the nation.

With the new agreement with KUBRA, Dakota Electric will add additional e-bill distribution cartridges within the i-Connect Module to support a new generation of virtual mailbox consolidator networks.

“Dakota Electric is always on the lookout for low cost paper-less billing solutions for our members,” says Sherie Wutschke, CIS/Billing Manager at Dakota Electric. “When we were told about the Manilla and Zumbox virtual e-document consolidator solution, along with their connection to KUBRA there was no hesitation from us to take part. It is a solution that will make our members lives a little easier and a solution that will have very little impact on our employees."

”KUBRA is excited to assist Dakota’s strategy on enhancing their customer interaction platform by adding ubiquitous delivery within our i-Connect™ Module,” says Rick Watkin, President and CEO of KUBRA. “Dakota is committed to providing its members with convenience and choice and through KUBRA i-doxs suite Dakota is able to offer all available distribution channels under ONE technology software platform, not otherwise available anywhere in the market.

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