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Grid Stability System Undergoes Live Grid Testing by Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Emprimus, Inc.'s SolidGround Grid Stability System is scheduled for a live grid test by the Nuclear Survivability Division of the federal Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The live electric grid impact test is being conducted at the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho, a Department of Energy facility managed by the Battelle Energy Alliance.

The SolidGround Grid Stability System has been developed by Emprimus to protect the electricity transmission grid against the possible catastrophic effects of geomagnetic storm induced currents (GIC), and intentional terroristic electromagnetic pulse (EMP)-induced currents, by automatically detecting and blocking DC currents.

DTRA is coordinating the live grid impact test as part of its charge to provide critical infrastructure protection for the military and ensure that the nation’s defense--which relies on the private electric grid--has adequate power to continue operations in the event of such an occurrence.

Emprimus recently completed a global licensing agreement with ABB Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland, under which the international power and automation technology and engineering organization will manufacture, market and install the SolidGround system worldwide.

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