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PSE&G Sends Crews to Texas as Hurricane Ike Strikes

Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) today is making preparations to send electric crews to Beaumont, Texas to help restore power to residents affected by Hurricane Ike. The utility will send about 100 people, including 66 line personnel, and more than three dozen utility vehicles from different locations throughout New Jersey early Sunday morning.

Entergy reached out to PSE&G on Friday in anticipation of the storm and requested help restoring electric service that has now been heavily damaged by the hurricane-force winds.

It is expected to take the crews four days to travel the 1600 miles to Texas, where they will be directed to where they are needed the most. It is anticipated that they will stay for three weeks, depending on the severity of the damage and Entergy's needs.

'Mutual aid' is an arrangement between utilities that allows for the sharing of resources such as labor and equipment during emergencies. The hosting utility reimburses for associated costs.

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