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Power System Basics: Understanding How the Bulk Electric Power System Works

Monday, April 16, 2018: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

IEEE PES PLAIN TALK courses for the power industry professional will help you to understand technical aspects of the electric power industry, even if you do not have an engineering background. You will gain insights into the concerns of engineers, the demands of regulators and consumer groups, and the factors and trends that impact the operation of today’s electric power systems. These courses are also appropriate for new engineers to the industry, or for engineers in other fields who are transitioning to the electric power industry. These courses aim to increase your understanding of the electric power system by providing you with practical knowledge that you can use as you work in or with this important industry.

The course Power System Basics: Understanding How the Bulk Electric Power System Works will start off the Plain Talk series at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo. The focus of this course is to provide a fundamental foundation in electric power systems, from basic formulas to the planning, operations, and equipment involved in generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power. Basic electrical terminology will be explained in simple to understand language with regard to design, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants, substations, and transmission and distribution lines. Anyone who is involved in some way with the electric utility industry can benefit from attendance at this course.

Topics covered in the course include an introduction to the fundamentals and basic formulas of electricity as well as the equipment involved in the electric power system. An overview of generation, substations, transmission, distribution, and utilization is provided. Protection, reliable operation, and safety are among the topics covered.

Plain Talk registrants will be provided with a complimentary Exhibit Floor pass for Thursday, April 19 ($120 Value includes the Closing Reception).

The Exposition Floor includes hundreds of exhibitors from around the world displaying the latest products and services across a broad spectrum of technology categories.

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